Andrey Gubskiy

Acting Head of Rost Kit

Economic and social goods can be created from common information. The profit for all participants of the process comes from implementing previously unavailable, effective, and comfortable instruments for gathering, analyzing, and administrating information.


“He who does not new methods must expect new calamities.”
Sir Francis Bacon

Rost Group in an innovative company, and develops solutions that are completely new to the Ukrainian market. One of these developments in 2011 is the SINCE ONLINE intellectual, interactive voting system.

This system is an original IT product of the Rost IT company (PATENTSCOPE, WIPO 2013) had been created to provide the interactive interaction of an Internet audience in events of different formats. SINCE ONLINE is a system that allows to synchronize the votes of an Internet audience in its browsers with the course of public events.

SINCE ONLINE system allows to obtain the dynamic response of web-audience to the speakers during the event, to answer questions and ask them using personal computers which are connected via the Internet to a single server, while giving estimates for the event.

SINCE Formats:
  • interactive video events (
  • TV platform, integrating the Internet, television and new media to create a global event with an interactive link for all viewers in real time ( There is possible to create many new TV-formats based on this platform.

SINCE combines the capabilities of a direct video and TV broadcasts with the game.

Due to the SINCE an unlimited number of viewers (remote or where events) may participate in the television show, seminar or discussion, evaluate data; show their opinions; influence on the course of media and video content and receive instant feedback from the audience of viewers.

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