Andrey Gubskiy

Acting Head of Rost Kit

Economic and social goods can be created from common information. The profit for all participants of the process comes from implementing previously unavailable, effective, and comfortable instruments for gathering, analyzing, and administrating information.
Information must be convenient!


“The main task of any company is to invest in that which allows it to differentiate its business and to make a unique proposal to the market. And IT is one of the most effective methods to fulfill this goal.”
Randall “Randy” Mott, Hewlett-Packard

In 2008, a new product was developed and presented to the market by the Rost Group. This is the SINCE system of interactive voting, which is an interactive studio which can be used in group events (exhibitions, conferences, round tables, and road shows) as an important element of communication between their participants.

For example, a series of round tables on charity (a part of the Expert magazine international conferences) was held based on the SINCE system.

The new format of interaction within this system organically unites informativeness and the emotional engagement of the audience. Today, we actively use SINCE on the pharmaceutical market as the equipment support for talk shows with medical workers in specialized forums and conferences.

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