Andrey Gubskiy

Acting Head of Rost Kit

Economic and social goods can be created from common information. The profit for all participants of the process comes from implementing previously unavailable, effective, and comfortable instruments for gathering, analyzing, and administrating information.

Sphere of activity

Our company provides quality modern IT-products and services to help complete operative and strategic business tasks.
  • Implementation of IT-solutions into existing business processes.
  • Adaptation of existing ways of work with data streams to new methods using experience collected worldwide.
  • Outsourcing of experienced IT personnel, innovative instruments, and equipment.
  • External auditing of the existing IT infrastructure, and making recommendations of possible improvements, as well as a description of existing weak spots.
  • Forming a data field from scratch to be the functional core for organizations of different sizes and levels of integration of internal data streams.

Rost Kit services:

  • Data collection systems with WEB interfaces.
  • SMS services, including the use of the SMS technology to collect data.
  • Data integration (ETL).
  • SINCE — a system of interactive voting; an interactive studio for use in group events (exhibitions, conferences, round tables, and road shows) as an important element of communication between their participants.
  • Systems of data collection and analysis that use the commercial open-source CRM product SugarCRM6. This allows to effectively complete a number of tasks in the shortest amount of time, without attracting significant resources to development, and thus lower the general cost of the system.
  • A CRM system of managing field personnel that uses a vertical solution – an xRM system for managing the activities of a company's medical representatives.
  • A system of data collection through SMS, which uses a specialized solution for advertising events. This system integrates SugarCRM and SMS services. The interface for entering data is a mobile phone, which allows to monitor the state of the project In online mode.
  • Services in systematization, analysis of sales data from the websites of pharmaceutical distributive companies, and providing split-level access to summarized information in accessible and convenient forms to the participants.
  • A profiling and analysis service of the client sales of the distributors. We receive the reports of your distributors, collect them into one format, and provide an analysis on different levels: the sales amount for a certain period, the average sales amount for a client, and the number of clients with which a representative works.

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