Andrey Gubskiy

Acting Head of Rost Kit

Economic and social goods can be created from common information. The profit for all participants of the process comes from implementing previously unavailable, effective, and comfortable instruments for gathering, analyzing, and administrating information.

Data collection systems

“A company's IQ quotient is defined by how well its IT infrastructure allows access to information, its joint use and structurization.”
Steve Heckel, Richard Nolanсiс
“Management through the wires: the use of IT in transforming business”

The foundation that Rost Interface uses to build effective business processes is the open-source CRM system SugarCRM6, which allows to solve a whole group of business tasks without employing significant resources.

Among the IT solutions developed by the company are:
- A CRM system of managing field personnel that uses a vertical solution – an xRM-system for managing the activities of a company's medical representatives.
- A system of data collection through SMS, which uses a specialized solution for advertising events. We integrate this system into one solution that allows the monitoring of a project in online mode by using the mobile phone as an interface.

Our company's portfolio also includes vertical solutions of an integrative automatization of company activity, which allows the following:
  • to control relationships with clients
  • to manage projects
  • to automatize business processes in a company.
The company does not only implement systems, but also manages them day-to-day. Thus, you can be certain that the systems work towards a result without pause.

If you need to structure disparate data from distributive companies and bring them to a single format, we can help you with their systematization and analysis. You will receive analyses in a form comfortable for you, sorted by any of the following requests:
  • the sales amount for a certain period
  • the average sales amount for a client
  • the number of clients with which a representative works
  • by any other factor you might need.

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